10 Best Korean Dramas of 2020 So Far [ft. HappySqueak]

2020 is halfway done and we've all beenisolated from one another but what isn't isolated from us are all the greatKorean dramas.

The different Kdramas have been all over our timelines latelyand you might just be wondering if they were merely just hyped up or are theyreally worth the watch.

Continue watching to discover the answer to this question.

Now don't let the pandemic ruin your year.

Reward yourself with the mostwatched and the most hard to let go Korean dramas of this year.

Here are thebest Kdramas of 2020.

Bring out your suit and tiebecause Hyena finds its place on the list.

With twosuccessfully driven lawyers, one an elite lawyer and another a small-town lawyer, create a love-hate relationship.

Only working for the 1% of the richest thesetwo competitive lawyers will do everything to win their cases.

Wrappedaround his ego the male lead was born rich and is very confident in hisabilities.

On the other side, the struggling office of Hyena's female leadbrings out her survival instincts to do everything for success and money.

Withthe overflowing amount of brains guts and ego prepare your ears for intenseexchanges of lines, rivalry and one hot approach on love that is mixed withquestionable business and law practices.

Just like a hyena your eyes will bechasing the scenes of every episode because of a promising plot.

Admit it or not we really enjoy watching thriller dramas.

This is where our brainsare really put to the test.

Don't you just love the feeling of having yourbrains working at full speed while watching your favorite actors andactresses? What makes everyone really hooked from this type of drama is whenthe show gives the viewers neverending plot twists.

Lucky for everyone Memoristis here to serve.

Known to everyone a detective in the police force has thepower to read people's memories.

A strength that may seem but also aweakness of the detective.

Adding arrogance and even recklessness in hisbehavior.

He's not exempt from criticism despite his telepathic skills.

Solvingcrimes here and there he comes across a serial murder case and partners up witha genius crime profiler.

In the midst of solving the case hidden truths of theirpersonal lives and a troubled past arise.

This drama is really entertainingbecause it makes viewers keep guessing on you know what will happen next.

Honestly that's what makes this drama a really good thriller.

Viewers did not want to say bye to thisKorean series.

Ready your tissues and prepare to blow your nose for thistearjerker drama.

Thinking that this drama will only touch mother's hearts?Think again because this series is for everyone.

Hi Bye Mama is a story about amother who was forced to leave her husband and daughter due to an accident.

Ghosts characters may seem kind of scary and maybe give you some goosebumps.

But this ghost mother will surely knock on everyone's hearts and have the tearscontinuously rolling.

The pain of a mother leaving her family stops the leadof Hi Bye Mama to be reincarnated so she was given a second chance to come backto life and enter where she left off.

But what if she is not welcome anymore.

Herhusband has a new partner now and her daughter doesn't recognize her.

How could she? Will this chance of coming back alive be a waste and her daughterhas the unique ability of being able to see the ghosts.

Will her daughterrealize that the ghost she's been seeing all along is really her mother?Well dive into this series so you can say hi to mama! Panic seeps in when someone finds out the double life ofthis dramas lead.

What makes it even worse is blackmailing.

Wishing his secretwill remain unknown someone caught on to this top student's dangerous businessidea.

Making extra money with side hustles are nothing new to high schoolstudents but the twist of this drama shows how risky and illegal a sidehustle can be.

Without his parents in his life this model student needs to supporthimself and a way he found out to do so was to communicate and offer protectionto young sex workers from their psychotic clients.

Wanting to remainfaceless, he uses a phone application and alters his voice.

His lack of extraactivities in school is known by his teachers and his activity outside ofschool should by all means be kept a secret.

This drama offers a dark side anda sinister story.

Not your typical high school drama.

A big achievement will start from a small beginning.

When a chestnut haired man isready to prove that to everyone.

Itaewon class is more than just a story ofrevenge.

What made this drama so successful ishow well they added the important issues and reality of each and every character.

The drama shows serious friendships, the importance of accepting diversity, secondchances, standing up for what's right and building oneself up after a downfall.

Therandom mix of characters of Dan Bam's restaurant staff create the perfect mixfor Itaewon Class.

To add more spice to the drama the male lead is trying toestablish a small pub and the love of his life is working for his greatestrival.

Then a carefree social-media influencer enters their lives with herblond tips creating a strong love triangle.

Itaewon Class will show itsviewers that no dream is too big and having the right people around you canlead to greater success.

The first month of this yeardid not disappoint us in terms of good screen time.

Can't get enough of thefirst installment of Dr.

Romantic? Here's part two of one of your favorite Koreandramas 2016.

Of course we still get to see ourfavorite romantic doctor in this sequel.

In this drama he's scouting for newdoctors and he comes across the surgeons he's been looking for.

With the good andthe dark side of humanity and a good romance expect these elements from thisseries.

What made Dr.

Romantic 2 different from other medical Koreandramas was how a number of scenes came unpredictable and how well the storieswere told in order to touch viewers hearts.

From secretive to problematicdoctors, the stories of their patients, and also the corruption, this series willsurely have viewers educated and open the eyes of everyone to the hardships ofwearing a doctor's coat.

Go chew some leafy greens and get ready for your blood pressure.

The world of the marriedwill want you to go from pulling your hair to wanting to punch through yourscreen.

A perfect life that's what everyone thought.

A family medicinedoctor feels like she is living her best life with a successful career and acomplete family until reality hits her and adultery appears in the picture.

Herhusband, an aspiring movie director, enters another relationship causingeverything around the couple including themselves to go haywire.

With actionsand feelings of vengeance, pity, love or even hate, this series will have youreyes glued to the screen.

Besides the plot, it's fast paced storyand zero dull moments is what made everyone really addicted to this drama.

So beready to get your emotions at maximum and refrain yourself from slapping theperson watching besides you.

Here's the Koreandrama that took off and landed on everyone's hearts and it's third on ourlist.

Believe it or not, we will still die for cliche romantic stories.

Crashlanding On You maybe in the usual side when it comes to romance but it stoleour hearts with the story that comes with it.

North meets South literally withan unfortunate turn of events from a paragliding suit test.

A tornado landsthe South Korean Chaebol heiress who also runs a successful fashion and beautycompany Seri's Choice.

Inside the barricades of North Korea.

Distressed andwanting to save herself, she encounters and crash-lands onto the handsomecaptain of the North Korean Special Police Force.

Besides the anticipating romance, this drama made everyone swoon with the cutefriendships, strong bonds, and sacrifices that made everyone have a hard timeletting it go.

Watching this drama is certainly everyone's choice! Almost reaching the peak, Kingdom 2 lands second on thislist.

People are shouting not because of zombies but because they want anotherseason.

As if two seasons are not enough, Kingdom viewers want more of this actionfilled plague tale.

Putting the puzzle pieces together of the secrets of theresurrected King and the origin of the plague, creates a great picture for thisdrama.

Proving this is not one of those predictable zombie stories.

In thisseason the crown prince obviously carries burden after burden but becomestronger each time.

Aside from eliminating zombies, he isdetermined to redeem himself and remove his enemies seated in power.

Speaking ofpower, the Queen and her cold arrogant and strong-willed behavior will make amark in this season.

Alongside the journey of the nurse, finding the keythat started the plague.

Plot twists are thrown and getting everyone excited.

Small details of season one are now critical points of the new season.

Eachepisode will have you wanting more Kingdom 3 is definitely on our wish list, plus we want more of that world class and zombie makeup.

The top spot goes to current favourite.

Press play and yourdevice will start rolling five friends who have known each other ever sincemedical school.

Now a neurosurgeon, a cardiothoracic surgeon, and pediatrician, andOBGYN surgeon and let's add one more a general surgeon.

Who would have thoughtthey would have the extra time to play together as a band.

Yesa band of doctors.

Would they be qualified to be part of our definitionof squad goals? What's even better in this drama is how they show that theremore than just their busy lives in the hospital and their love for music.

Hospital Playlist gives us the reality of friendships and relationships, manyinteresting stories of individuals, let this drama heal your ears with somegreat music and a new story in each episode.

So put on your quarantine socks, jump into bed and chill and start watching the great Korean dramas of thefirst half of 2020.

These shows are a guaranteed great time and may even haveyou pulling out some of those Korean finger hearts.

Thanks for watching MDLers.

I'm your host @HappySqueak.

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