10 Best TRUCKS Under $10k

– So you wanna buy yourself a truck.

But not just any truck, you want a good truck and you'vegot $10, 000 in your budget.

What do you buy? I mean, it's not an easy decision to make, I'm gonna be honest.

There's tons of different trucks out there and their names are pretty confusing, so that doesn't even make it any easier.

But I promise by the end of this video, you'll have all the tools tohop on my friend Gregslist and find yourself truck yourown fits all your needs.

We've got everythingfrom crawlers to haulers, Off-roaders to heavy loaders, even a drift truck.

You guys have all been askingfor more truck stuff on Donut so here you go.

This is– – [Announcer] D-List.

Number 10.

Lexus GX 470.

– The Lexus GX 470 is a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Legendary truck, legendary.

In other words, this thing got the off-roadtech from the Cruiser, but all the luxury featuresyou'd expect from Lexus.

And most importantly, she's got a 4.

7 liter V8 putting out 235 HRSPRS, and 320 pound feet at the torque, dude.

Now these bama jammerswere super expensive when they were new, which meant rich people bought them and rich people taketheir cars to dealerships to have them maintained.

And finally, this truck hasdepreciated to the point where broke carboys like Zack Jobecan get his hands on 'em.

Luxury and off-road are two things that you don't normallyassociate with each other, so I don't blame you ifyou've overlooked the fact that this car haspermanent four-wheel drive and a center-locking Torsen differential.

Let me ask you a question.

Let me ask you guys a question, all right? Do you like spinningyour wheels in the air? Do ya? No you don't.

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Zach Jobe bought his GX for6, 500 bucks and it's nice.

It is the comfiest carthat anyone has at Donut.

Now if you had 10K, youcould buy one of these and still have a couplegrand to dump into a good set of tires or some sweet, sweet, overlanding gear.

I'm talking tent roofrack, maybe a lift kit, one of those really complicated stoves that folds out of the back.

You could get yourself some of them jugs they put on the back of trucks in movies.

What's in there? Water, gas, milk, nobody knows.

Or maybe one of those racksthat people put on their hoods.

What is that rack for? I don't know.

There's a shovel on there.

Definitely need a shovel ifyou're gonna be overlanding 'cause, you know, whatif you have to go poop in the middle of thedesert, you gotta bury it.

Take nothing but pictures.

Leave nothing but a holefilled with your poop.

– [Announcer] Number nine.

Chevrolet C10.

– I love this truck.

It's the Silverado's grandpa.

It was Chevy's rear wheeldrive, 1/2 ton pickup from the legendary C/K platform.

C/K, why? Because we love you.

C/K line offered ton ofdifferent truck variations.

But for me nothing beats the classic look of a short bed squared up C10.

C10s are literally cool as ice and you can find them allday for well under $10, 000.

In fact last night Nolan andI were sending each other C10 back and forth through text 'cause we're not allowed to hang out but we like the same kind of cars.

And as soon as this whole thing's over, maybe you might see meand Nolan at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank doing a classic cruise.

C10s make really, really, really great project cars because the parts are super available.

It's got big old engine bay, lots of room for activities and you can make a C10 into pretty much any kind of truck that you want.

You can slam it on the ground, some bags, throw an LS in it, you've got yourself certifiedCruiser Muscle Truck.

They also look really good with a lift kit parked in the middle of thedesert with a couple holes in the side, probably froma drug deal gone South.

Gone South, literally and figuratively.

Talking about El Chapo, talking about the cartelsdon't mess with them.

Turns out that's whythey call him El Chapo 'cause he chops your finger off.

And if somehow you are stillunconvinced about the C10, my fantasy best friend andbro bro Post Malone owns a bagged LS-Swapped oneand it looks frickin' hot.

– [Announcer] Number eight.

Jeep Cherokee (XJ).

– You wanna build a rockcrawler for the cheap, the Cherokee also known as theXJ is probably your best bet.

Now we've sung the XJ's praises before 'cause basically therewouldn't be a Jeep anymore if it weren't for the success of the XJ pulling its parent companyout of financial slump.

It's the baby that saved the relationship except it actually worked.

Instead of adding stress toan already failing marriage, that will end in years.

Oh child custody battle andthe only way you can get your son back is to turn himinto a YouTube automotive Star.

Sorry, I got lost there for a second.

The styling is straight up iconic.

A lot of people throwthat word around a lot.

I mean it about this thing.

Jeep got it right the first time.

And a testament to that is the fact that they barely changed it from1984 all the way to 2000.

Hold on, Max, switch 'em up.

I can't tell the difference anymore.

How many things can youthink of that start awesome, remain awesome and then whenyou least expect it, bam! Still awesome.

One of the main reasonsthat people love the XJ is that it's famouslyreliable and easy to fix.

That's probably why you canstill find so many of them on the road with a ton of themgoing for well under $10, 000.

Hop on my friend Gregslist and you can find tons of these things.

And yes, many of them areautomatic or rear-wheel drive or equipped with a weakerfour cylinder engine.

But if you look hard enough, there's really great deals on the really, really good ones out there.

I found one, this onewith four-wheel drive.

It's got a manual transmission and the mighty four liter engine.

And it's only 3, 500 bucks.

And even if you find one thatneeds some minor repairs, you can take the entirecar apart with basic tools and the repairs are super affordable.

It's very satisfying.

like watching a Mukbang video, if Mukbang videos were supersatisfying, which they're not.

So working on an XJ is the opposite of watching a Mukbang video.

– [Announcer] Number seven.

Dodge Ram.

– The second generationRam by the Dodge brothers, in my opinion, is one ofthe most timeless-looking pickup trucks ever made.

The Dodge Ram body isthe basic shape and look that has influencedalmost every modern truck that came after it and it should because it was expertlydesigned by computers.

Now, another reason that Iabsolutely love this truck is that it was originallynamed the Louisville Slugger.

You guys know that I'mfrom Louisville, right? Kentucky Cobra.

And this truck couldn't get better PR when it was shown holdingits own against the forces of nature in the film Twister.

My dad came into town whenI was a kid and he came, picked me up at school at lunchtime.

We went and saw Twister.

It's a great memory.

And you might be thinking that tornadoes are just spinning wind, but they're not.

There's also dust and lightning and cows.

You ever think of that? Twisters are like theturbochargers for the sky.

There's a few listings on cargurus.

com that fall well below $10, 000 including one with 371, 591 miles on it.

That still looks like it'sready to haul your crew to a roofing job in Mordor, if that's where you're doing a roof.

Speaking of timeless designs, – [Announcer] Number six.

Ford Ranger.

– The ranger is one of the last honest to goodness pickup trucks, right? It's compact, it's good on gas.

It gets you and your stufffrom point A to point B.

Pretty much all oldRangers are super cheap, but my pick for this listgoes to the first generation sold between 1982 and 1992.

Second gens are equallyfantastic trucks, but for me, I liked them boxy boys, just what I prefer.

Newer models might havea little bit more power and some modern comforts, but these old boxy boys werebuilt to last and they do.

Early 2000s Rangerssuffered from a little issue that involves the frames rusting out, but first gens were literally bulletproof.

And by literally, I mean figuratively.

Now these humble little guysare obviously not as showy as a GX 470 but they could be optioned with similar practicalfeatures like an LSD.

Get one with four-wheeldrive and you won't have to do the talk of shame with the AAA guy, when you find yourself busting through some swamps on your way to work.

You don't drive throughswamps on your way to work? Hmm, weird.

Ranger came with plenty of engine cab and bed configurations, butif you're looking for a deal, you won't have to looklong because these are some of the most affordabletrucks on this list.

Here's one for sale for only $4, 000 and it already has a lift kit, fender flares and big old tires.

And I already know that'swhat you were planning to do.

You're sitting on thetoilet and you're thinking, how did he know that? That is what I was planning to do.

Then you're like, did hejust say I was on the toilet? How did he know that? I got little birds everywhere.

I got eyes in the back of my head.

I got a secret network of people telling me what you're thinking.

But in case the Ranger istoo sensible for your tastes, – [Announcer] Number five.

Ford Super Duty.

– If you're looking for anabsolutely buff work horse, look no further than thefirst gen Super Duty.

These big bad boys havebig, bad beds, big cabs, and are great for tone, big ass payloads, brother.

One thing you won't have totow is a boatload of cash 'cause you can find onefor well under $10, 000.

Here's an F-350 on my friendGregslist for 4, 000 bucks.

Now while the Super Duty's baby, little bitty brother Ranger was only available withfour or six cylinder motors, Super Duties only came withTriton V8, power stroke diesels and the massive awesome Triton V10.

Which honestly should havecome with a neck brace for the kick you'll getfrom that 6.

8 liter beast with 362 HRSPRS and 457foot pounds of torques.

You may have even experiencedthis engine without knowing it because Ford has used it in motor homes and fricking school buses.

Remember just going toschool, seeing your friends? That used to be fun.

The super Duty is a ridiculous amount of truck for the price.

The F-350 Dually, the thickest truck on thelist can tow 13, 600 pounds.

That's like 11 horses.

That's enough for a chariot race.

– [Announcer] Number four.

Nissan Hardbody.

– The Nissan Hardbodyis of the OG mini trucks 'cause they're cheap and they're durable.

And that alone makes them great trucks.

You could still see 'em onthe road all over the place, even 30 years after they were sold.

But that's not why they're on the list.

The reason that the NissanHardbody is on the list is because you can build 'eminto sick ass drift trucks.

Ooh! I teased it a few episodes, but these trucks share thesame engine as the 240SX and 240SX has the sameengine mounting points as the freaking Nissan Celia and 180SX.

The wheel base is also prettyclose to that of the 240 and it's got a pretty lowground clearance for a truck.

So it drives kind of like a car, more like a car than most trucks.

You swap a fricking SR20DET, put some cowls on the front, some drop plates in the rear, and you basically have a Silvia that you can fill with treehouse building supplies.

I do love a good tree house.

– [Announcer] Number three.

Chevrolet Silverado.

– You cannot have a list about trucks without including the Chevy Silverado.

It's a law.

It's the heartbeat of America.

It was first introduced in 1998 and has remained a staple onAmerican roads ever since.

From BroDozers to work trucks.

It's probably one of the most versatile pickup trucks available ever.

There's quite a fewgenerations of Silverado and there's a ton ofdifferent kinds of Silverados.

There's single cabs, crew cabs, V6s, Duramax, turbo diesels.

It's overwhelming, but if I had $10, 000 tospend on a Silverado today, I know which one that I would get.

A first gen Silverado SS.

If you know anything about Chevys, you know if it says SS on it, it means fricking business.

It means it came to eat.

This limited edition Super Sport Rato came with a high outputV8 called the Vortec Max, which is also what I call myeditor slash director Max, when he's on a tear.

It puts out 345 HRSPRS and also came equippedwith performance suspension and some of the sickest wheelsever thrown on a stock truck.

In fact, there was evena special Intimidator SS made to honor Dale Earnhardt.

His birthday would havebeen a couple of weeks ago.

Happy 69th birthday to the Intimidator.

Also 69, nice.

Now nice SSs can be expensive, but spend enough time on myfriend Gregslist and you won't have to plunk down nearlythat much silver a dough, huh? To get you one for under 10, 000 bucks.

– [Announcer] Number two.

Toyota Tacoma.

– Number two on this list is the Tacoma, which is basically Japan's F-150, an ultra capable pickup truck with bulletproof Toyota reliability.

You can't go wrong with a used Taco and it's our top pickfor pre-runner builds, which is honestly one ofthe sickest kinds of trucks.

The first gen Taco wasproduced from 95 to 2004 and while they do hold theirvalue very shockingly well, you can still find plenty of 'em online any day of the week for under 10K.

In fact, Toyota Tacomasmight be the hero cars in a certain Donut seriesfor the next season, which we're gonna film when we're all allowed to hang out again.

Toyota pickup trucks are such trucks that before it was calledthe Tacoma in America, it was literally called the Toyota piccup.

But Tacoma, now that, that is a name.

I assume that it's named after a mountain or some town in the Northwest.

If you get a 95 to 2000 Toyota Tacoma, make sure that it wastaken to the dealership for a recall to fix a rust poofing problem that the trucks had causing them to taco.

They literally broke in 1/2and I'm sure a few of you Chuck nuts are crying that Ichose the taco over the Tundra.

Don't get me wrong, Tundra is a great truck, but it shares the same 4.

7liter V8 with the GX 470 and honestly, I wouldrather have the Lexus.

Finally number one.

There are many great trucks out there for many different purposes, but this D-List can only becrowned by the one true King.

In my opinion, the coolestfreaking truck that you can buy for under $10, 000, – [Announcer] Number one.

Ford F-150 SVT Lightning.

– Lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning.

You might be skeptical aboutfinding an SVT Lightning for under $10, 000 but let me tell you, they're out there if you look hard enough.

Here's one on Facebookmarketplace for 8, 500 bones.

It might not be thecleanest one out there, but it's still a lightning.

Based on an F-150, which isone of the best trucks ever, but it's also got afreaking supercharger on it.

It is one of the mostmemorable and coolest vehicles in the entire Fast and Furious franchise.

And it was bone stock andit was named after one of the most bad ass naturaloccurrence on earth.

Now the second gen Lightningthat Brian drove in the Fast and the Furious is easily themost iconic and recognizable.

But the first gen is almost just as sick and a lot of times twice as cheap.

Fricking Lady Gaga has one.

Lady Gaga has a lot of really cool cars.

Actually Google Lady Gaga's cars.

♪ I'm on the shallows ♪ ♪ I make it Wednesday ♪ And if you're having a hardtime finding a Lightning for under 10K also type inHarley Davidson edition F-150.

It came with basically thesame supercharged engine as Lightning but it also had four doors and it was way more luxurious.

Host of Bumper toBumper, Jeremiah, has one and if it's good enoughfor my buddy Jerry, then it's good enough for me.

The SVT Lightning mightnot be able to haul more than two and a 1/2 people.

It might not be able totow a bunch of weight.

It definitely cannot climb a mountain unless it's a mountain pass, but what it lacks in practicality, it more than makes up forin sweet, sweet burnouts and for that reason it iscrowned the King of the D-List.

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