10-Minute Jump Rope Workout

[Music] what does n do nation we got a 10-minute jump rope workout for you no funny business today we're going to do a 90 second warmup take 15 seconds to catch your breath and then we're getting right into to high-intensity interval training circuits that we're using a jump

rope for for each one of these circuits we're going to be doing 30 seconds per exercise with a 10 second break in between and in between the two circuits that we do in this 10-minute workout we're going to take a 30 second rest and let you catch your

breath before finishing it off before we get into this workout I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you go all-out with your effort you need to leave everything you have on the field or on the court or wherever you're jumping rope when we only do 10

minutes of exercise we want to up the ante we want to give this everything we have with our effort so we could burn that most amount of calories in the least amount of time let's get after it all right then let's get after we're starting off with jumping

jacks for the first exercise of the warm up and here we go so you get 90 seconds in its warm-up you really want to go about moderate intensity don't kill yourself here just get your body warmed up start moving you see here rotating exercises now you're moving on

to air squats really focus on pushing those knees out and dropping that butt down to about knee level so you want to create that 90 degree angle between your hamstrings and your calves same thing here with lunges keeping a nice controlled and creative at 90s 90 degree angle

between your calves and your hamstrings great work finish it up here you got 30 more seconds and then we're moving on to the workout here we go jump those jacks I'm going to finish here with some hair squat and seconds left here we go then it's strong three

two one rest they got fifteen seconds and we're going right and cheat jump rope regular bounce like I said before you got into this workout all-out effort with each one of these exercises you only have ten minutes total you already got two minutes down to 800 minutes let's

rock as fast you can jump rope regular bounce again folksy I'm barely bringing the ball you'll feet off the ground and making all the movement happen to notice here I'm going to move the side gun let me see this angle see my feet are barely coming off the

ground and really the only thing that's moving here is on my wrist and a man bought a little bit living that thinks you know popping around the does own thing you got them out of yourself good rest there's a deep breath in through your nose out your mouth

we got jump rope run in place coming up right now and again here with jump rope run in place one most the movement to happen to a wrist and you want to barely be bringing the balls or feet off the ground [Music] even ice control it's a core

tight squid in that rope as fast you can really trying to get the most out of these exercises I'm going as far as I can you spin the rope just as fast as I can we're gonna see I get super winded I wanted to include a rest period

like we see right here you can see how when did I actually get through these workouts this is not easy for me easy this is how easy for me either alright jump rope side straddle let's get into it the key here is just exploding off the balls your

feet back and forth really working on our lateral moving here and again really just go as far as you can you can burn as many calories as possible and the shorts I'm going to work out three to one rep you notice just some of the exercises I go

a little bit into the rescue and sometimes I start a little bit late don't worry about it do the best you can to just follow along so I like to run in place with the high knees we're really driving our knees up or down or trying to get

those knees as close as we can to waist level about [Music] keep in the intensity I appearing on the deck 10 more seconds to the SEC says here we go finish draw and go ahead and rest [Music] [Music] again here you're still keeping everything controlled and it looks

like this is the effortless movement free but it's actually really working it pretty hard we seem spinning out rope is classic day on my wrist I'm just trying to teach the movements before as I hand my feet all right go ahead and chill out we're gonna see I'm

going to go in for rest breaks and fell a lot of these all the timer as much you can that's going to guarantee that you're doing it for exactly 30 seconds and jump rope double unders and then here you're really focusing on exploding out keeping your body as

stretched out as vertical as possible keep your hands down they make you make it easier to do these rotations for double unders you can see here I myself to what happens dream double unders for 30 seconds straight and you're not easy and don't worry about if you messed

up so now you got a 30 second rats take a deep breath in through your nose out of your mouth gather your composure here we're going to go through that circuit one more time in about 20 seconds here so get ready to rock do what you got to

do get a sip of water if you need it and we're gonna get right back into it [Music] all right right I got your jump rope regular bounce let's go as fast you can barely bringing those off the balls your feet off the ground spinning a rope is

faster at the wrist using those arms and coordination tight finish strong 15 seconds [Music] and go ahead and rest gotta tie my shoes got to keep your shoes tied safety first you guys like that Zen dojo beyond me alright jump robot in place again do your best to

barely be bringing your feet off the ground here you're going to spin the rope as fast you can keep everything control tight really just sprinting here all-out effort let's go [Music] ten more seconds it's been a strong [Music] we work to deep breath in through your nose out

through your mouth let's get right back into your jump rope sighs so I'll exploding back and forth here all-out effort give it everything you have only a few exercises left finish stronger ten seconds more again don't give up on formula keep your form tight let's go and go

ahead and rest take a deep breath pong the Sun back at it all-out effort let's go thirty Seconds tomorrow driving those knees up as high as you can really aiming to try to get those as high as their waist every time you see here as I get fatigued

even I have trouble doing at a tire but you want to push yourself as far as you can do your back [Music] five more seconds finish strong [Music] awesomely go ahead and chill ten seconds deep breath into your nose off your mouth lady aw [Applause] [Music] again here

you're still trying to spin the rope is fast you can do those little double taps with each foot we're doing as fast we can keep tight finish lunch let's go all right you got one more exercise you're done for the day give it everything you have you can't

you jump rope double unders just to jump over go down as fast as you can let's go all out after you finish strong 20 seconds you're done for the day [Music] we go finish strong five more seconds and you're done with this work bad way to goes indignation

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