1980s Workout with Mindy Kaling and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all-newepisode of “What the Fit.

” People, I of courseam your host, Kevin Hart.

Today, guess what.

Today we are taking itback to the '80s.

And by '80s, I do meanthe '80s, full swing.

You see my car? We're doing it! And on my show todayis Mindy Kaling.

That's right, people.

Mindy Kaling is on my show, And I am all aboutthat health and fitnesslifestyle, and I want thatfor my friends, too.

Whoa! – Hey, Mindy!- ( engine quits ) Is it on? – Hi!- Did it cut off? – How's it going?- It's good, Mindy.

– Did the car cut off?- ( laughs ) I think I may haveto start it up again.

– Oh, my goodness.

– Goddamn it.

This is a surprising carto see you in.

– Yeah, now we rollin'.

– Yeah.

– How you doin', lady?- I'm good.

Please tell mewhat you're working on, what are you doing? Uh, I havea 2-year old daughter.

Holy cow, Mindy! Yeah, yeah, we wereswimming the other dayand she was so cute.

I came up hereand she was sittingon the edge of the pool and I was like, “Hey, Katherine.

” And she's like, “Mommy, give me some space.

” – Wow.

Two years old.

– Two years old.

I was like, “We're ethnic.

We don't have space.

” ( laughs ) I kinda thoughtyou were gonna pick me up in, like, a Bentley or something.

– ( car stalls )- Well, I could've.

Goddamn it!It's– see, what happened– this is my brother's car.

If the Terminatorwas chasing us right now, we'd be in a lot of trouble.

No, we'd be in trouble.

I remember my momworking out to these– to these VHS tapes, where they were doing, like, aerobics.

And there were dayswhere she was like, “Come on, do it with me.

” And I would do itand I was excited.

And I said, “You knowwhat would be dope? If on 'What the Fit, 'if I actually embrace this '80s workout world.

” Front, back, push it, pull it, push it, pull it.

Faster!Lean into it.

You're gonna feel thison the high part of your glutes.

You're the only personI would wear a leotard for.

– That's amazing.

– Listen, getting into this car was my workout.

– This was your– ( laughs )- So, I don't know, – getting out of your— Why don't you work out, Mindy? I do.

Here's the thing.

When you're not in shape, I think people's assumptionis that you don't work out.

– Okay.

– It takes a lot of work to get this body.

Getting up and goingto the gym is supposed to make you feellike you put yourself in the best positionto win on that particular day.

And follow suitthe day after, the day after.

That's what I do.

I motivate and inspire peopleto understand how to be the bestversions of themselves.

That's it, Mindy.

Nothing more.

I was mad 'cause you'realready so funny and successful.

And then I was like, “Oh, now he has, like, a good body, too?” Yeah, yeah.

My body's pretty ( bleep )amazing, I'll tell you that.

Yeah, I've seenevery inch of your body.

You're damn rightyou have.

– Yeah.

– I mean every inch.

Every inch of your body.

There's been some photoswhere I let it all out.

And I'm happythey're out there.

We're gonnago back to the '80s.

I'm excited.

And before we start, we're going to indulgein wigs.

– Wigs?- Wigs, 'cause in the '80s, it was all about the mullet.

– Business in the front, party in the back.

– Yeah.

We're about to getsome wigs, Mindy.

– ( car stalls )- Goddamn it, Mindy.

Don't blame me, it's my brother.

It's his car.

– Ladies first.

– Whoa.

– Hi.

– This is nice.

How are you? Welcome to wig heaven.

Basically, we're gonna do, like, a '80s workout, and I feel likeif we're gonna do it, we should embracethe '80s, look the part.

AlthoughI have amazing hair, I think that a wigwould probably servea valuable purpose.

I want to look hotlike Tina Turner but, like, Rod Stewart, too.

Oh, I have the perfect, perfect wig.



– Oh, yes.

– .



you might like.

– Now we're talking.

– I think this is your perfect Rod Stewart.

That's a lot of hair.

Party in the back, business in the front.

Maybe I'll do, like, a headband or somethingon mine.

– Or a mullet?- What's this? I don't know if I gota mullet head, though.

You need a certaintype of head.

I think it hasa pin in it.

You got to swingthese things, Mindy.

– You know.

– Oh, my God, Yes.

Yes, I've seen youin a lot of red carpet things.

You've never looked better.

This right here is saying, “Give me the money.

” – Yeah.

– Huh? – It's saying, “Give me the money.

” – That's really good.

What you say?I ain't got timefor you or you.

You ain't got timefor either of us.

I don't know if it's–I don't know if it's the thing.

You think if I wear this, it's, like, cultural appropriation? By the way, that's my world.

– This is your world?- That's Rick James.

Let me see this.

Hold on.


Hold on, now.

– Huh?- Yes! – Yo, no, this is it.

– Yes! – Ah! Ah!- Yes! Ah! Ah! Oh, hello.

What the– hey! – Oh, hello.

I'm looking for Mad Max.

– Hey.

– ( laughs )- What do you– what do you think about this one? – This– no.

– No? No, no, no.

Not “no” like, “No.

” “No” like, “Wait a minute.

” I think that you're gonnabuy this one for me.

– No, no, no.




– How much is this? You know what?Don't even tell me.

– No, no, no.

– I was born to wear this wig.

That's $100, 000.

– That means– oh!- ( music playing ) – Mindy, we did it.

– Yeah! Damn!Who this guy? Oh, that's you, Kev.

( laughs ) Come on, Mindy.

Let's go work out.

( music playing ) – Mindy: Whoa.

– Kevin: Wow, look at this.

Mindy:This looks great.


– Hello.

– Hey, welcome, you guys.

– Hi.

– Hi, what's your name? I am Tammy Lee Webb, aka Buns of Steel.

Get those cheeseburgers out of those hips.

Can I see your buns, Kevin?Turn around? – Yeah, that's not— Mindy: Really good.

– Oh, nice, Mindy.

– You see that? – Okay, so, in here— I break– I break somebody's hand off.

– He's really clenched.

– I'll snap your Goddamn hand off.

Kevin, you cheeksare too clenched.

– Did you see that?- Yeah.

– Hey, hey!- They are steel.

– They are steel.

– So, are you ready to sweat? I'm ready to sweat! Okay, thisis very important.

I want you to doa pelvic tilt.

– You know what I call this?- What's that? Givin' somebody the workthat they deserve.

Oh, my goodness.

Okay, deep breath up.

And hold here.

Hands on your hips.

Turn your toes out, and we're gonna dolittle plies.

– Wait a minute.

– Make sure your knees are not going past your toes.

– Hold on now.

– We're just warming up.

Nice wide stance.

– Hold on now.

– There you go.

Mindy's got it.

She's done this before.

Take a time out.

Let's all take a time out, make sure we onthe same page.

– Should we slow down for you?- Yeah, let's just– 'cause I feel likewe need to get into it.

Okay, right here, we're gonna hold it.

– Okay, we're gonna keep it going.

– Little pulses.

And then I want you to give me that cross-the-shouldersexy look.

– This is '80s right here.

– Yes, attitude.

– All right, yeah, got it.

– Okay, all right, so.



Goddamn, what is this, 300 pounds? – What is this?- ( laughs ) All right, so, tuck that pelvis.

Kevin, can we pixilatethis area in front of me? No, Mindy.

Sometimes you got togive 'em what they want.

It just got rated R up in here.

You see what I'm givin' 'em.

All right, so, in this position, push the hip forward.

Should my legsbe shaking like this? – I don't feel like this— Let me help.

– I don't feel like this is right.

– Put your feet together.

And then open like this.

I'm talkin' aboutthe way they shakin'.

I'm like a deerup in this bitch.

You're gonna layon your back.

You're gonna dothat pelvic tilt.

And then we're gonnalift our hips up.

– The hips are up, Kevin.

– What are we doing here? – Now press it out right here.

– Okay.

Release and back down.

And down.

You got it, Mindy? – I think so, right?- Yeah, you got it going.

– Lift, open.



– Open and down.

– And you feel it in the high hip.


– Yes, yes, I am.

You might want to blur this.

( grunting ) – People want to see this, Kevin.

– Tammy: You got it? Tammy, can you pull mine off? Tammy.

Yeah, pull it.

Not my pants!Not my pants.

– Water break.

– Okay, let's get a water break.

– Thank you.

Thank you so much.

– Let's go! Hey, good job, guys.

I thought becauseit was the '80s, that I could maybeshow you some photosof me from the '80s.


This is what I looked like.

I look like littleTheodore Roosevelt.

No, you look like– you looklike a Cabbage Patch Doll.

– Mindy, you don't— ( laughs ) Mindy, this is scary.

Like, you look like– I'm in a formal library.

You look like youjust took your SAT.

What are you ta–I'm full of youthful spirit.

No, Mindy.

This isn't– this is the look of a kidthat's just really getting mad.

Like, you just– Oh, wow.

Oh, okay.

– This one's better.

– This one's a little better.

– Yeah, this is, uh.



– Good hair.

No, thisis obviously, you– did you have a relationshipwith the wig shopbefore we got there? – That's all me.

– This is you.

– That's all me, yeah.

– Oh, okay.

All right, in that case.



I notice you're avoidingsaying any complimentaryadjectives.

No, you were– that's a–what are you talking about? – That's a— You're like, “That's a photo.

” That's a healthy baby.

You can do it! – Oh, ( bleep )- Whoa.

– How are you.

Tony Little?- Yeah.

– How are you, sir?- Whoo! 60 seconds.

This oughta kickmy buttocks.

You guys look very retro.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Cool.

– And very in shape.

– Thank you.

Where'd you get–you got a wig, too.

– I knew it.

– Did you ever know that? Actually, I have real hair.

– Okay.

– That's some good hair.

– Do you feel bad now?- We were at a wig shop – and your hair rivals that.

– Yeah.

– All right, let's get to it, man.

– Okay, want a show? Lean forward.

Put all your weight in forward.

– Whoa.


– Come on, squeeze it.

Squeeze it, come on.

Squeeze it, faster, faster.

– ( bleep )- Lean backwards.

Come on, lean backwards.

Lean backwards.

You can do it.

You're just truckin', man.

Tony, we reallywent from zero to 60on this guy.

– Yeah, yeah.

– There is no training on this, huh? – Look at me now, Tony.

– You look great.

I look great.

Look at my stride.

Mindy, do you have a stride?You gotta get a stride.

I'm just tryingnot to fall off of itat the moment.

If we come over here, this is called the Body Express.

It uses all your ownmuscle reflexes and flexes it for you.

Kevin:Be careful, Mindy.

You can do it!Believe in yourself! – Okay.

– There's always a way.

I'm afraid to not dowhat Tony says, all right? – So I'm gonna do it.

– Go down, come up.

– Oh.

Oh, yeah.

– You should feel the difference.

So now you're takingtraditional exercise, like a squat, and you put so much moreresistance on your bodyat the same time.

This thing's gotmy balls flappin' all overthe place, Tony.

Everything's real jiggly.

We– somebodystop my machine.

Can somebodystop my machine? – If you step off it.



– Just somebody please stop my machine.

– Thank you, Tony.

– Thank, Tony! – You're welcome.

– All right.

– You can do it!- Yeah, uh, water break, Mindy, – before we go another round?- Let's get a water break.

We got– this isa lot of working out.

I wantto show you something.

This is like my little– my memories box, okay? I'm so happyyou brought it with you.

– Well, it's the '80s.

– Yeah.

So, why wouldI have you here – and not take you down memory lane?- No, I like it.

Okay, uh, wow.

You know what this is? ( gasps )A Slinky? No, this is whatmy mom beat me with.

Um, it– yes, technically a Slinky.

But when I gotin trouble in school, I remember my mom, she took it, and she said, “Come here!” And she, like, flicked itright at my head.

Bink!Right at my forehead, so my memoryof a Slinky is not good.

– Okay.

– Yeah, so maybe you have a good memory.

Thank you.

I'm sorry about that.

This is the phonethat my mom told usto use – when ours got cut off.

– Okay.

– “Hey, Cousin Cheryl.

“- Okay, well.



“Are you there?”And my mom would bebehind me, and she'd be like, “No, I ain't home.

” And I'd be like, “I'll call you back.

” ( snorts )That sounds sad, too.

Well, it's not, because I got to pretendthat I talked to everybody.

( pretends to sob ) That one'sreally emotional, huh? Yeah.


– This is one of the balls that you shake— Magic 8 Ball, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

– Well, my dad got us this.

– Okay, that's nice.

And, basically, when we would want something, he'd be like, “Ask the 8 Ball, ask the 8 Ball.

” But somehowhe got it to say, “( bleep ) no, “all the time.


Ask me something.

Kevin, did you havea nice day? Ask the 8 Ball.

You'll see what it says.

– Oh, “( bleep ) no.

“- Yeah, told you.

Look at this.

People are coming out.

Wow, these people allprobably had a good childhood.


( laughs ) – Come on over.

– Hey, guys.

– Hi, how's it going?- Good to see everybody.

Hi, hi, my name's Shanna.

So, we're from Jazzercise.

Jazzercise is the originaldance fitness workout.

Ha! Ha!( trills, vocalizes ) Do you guys let menin your thing? – Absolutely.

– They are? – We do, we have a few.

– Okay, a few? – A few.

– Well, I'll be the honorary guy today.

– We would love that.

– Gotta do a quick wedgie check.

We're gonna startand you're gonna take your leg, you're gonna give metwo touches.

Just touch and touch.

Mindy, this is whatwe've been waiting for, Mindy.

Yes, save the bestfor last.

I want you to do thistwo times.

After my hip rollor no? After the hip roll, yes.

Come back over here.

Over here.

Double touch.

Front, front.

Lay it out.

Very good.

All right.

– Yeah, this is great.

– I love to lay it out.

– Good job.

– This is great.

You know what I likeabout this one? Is whenyou're going forward, you're like, “Hey, how's it going?” Then you're like, “Give me some space.

– Give me some space.

“- That's right.

Shanna, do you mindif I take you guys – through a little step?- I would love it.

Maybe we switch?Maybe I take the middle? – Absolutely.

– 'Cause I'm in control, I'm in charge.

From the top!Five, six, seven, eight! Tap, one, two, three.

And tap, one, two, three.

And slide.

And slide.

Two claps! ( laughs ) You guys kinda–nobody had trouble with that? Well, how could you have troublewith two claps? Well, after the two claps, we're gonna do a front flip.

– Okay.

– Oh, no.

No time to rehearse it.

Just go for it.

Count it down! Five, six, seven, eight.

And tap, one, two, three.

And tap, one, two, three.

And slide.

And slide.

Two claps!Flip! Mindy, no.

Mindy, no, Mindy.

– No, I didn't want— Was it a prank? I know, it was a prank, Mindy.

– Oh.

– I'm sorry.

Ladies, thank you guys so much.

I mean, I had a blast.

Mindy, did you have a blast? You guys, this was my favorite.

You recap the day for me.

– Okay, I got a sick wig.

– Okay.

I went intoan old crappy car.

Yeah, we did.

That was my brother's, sorry.

– Got my buns steeled.

– Then we capped it off with Jazzercise.

– This was the best.

– Thank you to Mindy.

Thank you guysfor watching another amazingepisode of “What the Fit.

” This is just the beginning.

There's only more.

And you'll get to see more.

Why? Because that's what”What the Fit” is about.

Motivation, inspiration, and inspiring youto simply move.

Get up, get out, get active.

Thank you.


Five, six, seven, eight! One, two, three, four, and tap! And tap! It's your palKevin Hart here, and I earned my stripesin Jazzercise.

True story.

That should make youwant to click on these videos and subscribeto my YouTube channel, “Laugh Out Loud.

“Jazz hands.


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