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You've got 20 minutes to spare? Amazing, let's use those for a quick, effectivecardio and strength workout and you'll feel great and full of energy.

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I've been getting lots of requests for fullbody workouts with loads of different exercises to really get those muscles working in a relativelyshort time.

So here we are.

We're going to do a high intensity workoutwith 20 different exercises working for 35 seconds and resting for 25 seconds.

I will always give you variation options sothis is going to be suitable for all levels.

Grab a bottle of water, a mat to be more comfortableand let's get sweaty.

Alright so let's start with the first exercise.

The high knees.

Let me set the timer for 35 seconds.

Give me some speed and lift up your kneesstarting now.

High knees.

Stay nice and tall.

Big range of motion with your arms.

Also with your knees.

And speed! It's a great exercise to warm up getting ourmuscles warm.

Come on.

10 more seconds to go.


That's it, shake it out.

25 seconds of rest.

I will show you the next exercise.

It's the mountain climbers.

So we do a similar movement lifting up theknees as high as possible.

But on the floor.

So your hands are underneath your shoulders.

One straight line.

Try to not hyperextend but stay in one straightline.

And then bring up your knees in the directionof your chest.

Ready? Let's go! You decide the rhythm.

Keep on breathing regularly.

And pull your knees up.

Try to stay in one straight line.

Your shoulders on top of your wrists and thelast 10 seconds.

Keep on moving.

Give me some speed here.

And well done.

We continue on the floor with the swimmer.

Lay down, face down.

Lift up your legs, lift up your upper body.

Your thumbs are pointing out.

Pull your elbows towards your upper body, stretch your arms, come back forward.

Pull down, stretch and forward.

You still have some rest.

Ready? Let's start.

Pull back, and stretch forwards.

So squeeze your lats, your rhomboids, themuscles in between your shoulders together and also the glutes to lift up your legs andthen swim back and forward.

Your head is in extension to your spine facingdown.

A great exercise for the back, shoulders andglutes.

And last one, well done, rest.

We continue with the in and out push ups.

You can do it on your knees or with straightlegs whichever is easier.

So in and out.

So we start with the narrow grip and opento a wide stance.

The most important is that your elbows arealways pointing backwards.

Alright, let's start.

You do it in your rhythm.

Try to pull your belly button inside so youstay in one straight line.

And then while we are narrow we work a loton our triceps and while we have a wider stance we work much more on our chest muscles.

Most important is just that the elbows arepointing backwards.

So we don't put too much pressure on our shoulders.

Push through.

Last one.

Well done.

25 seconds of rest.

And we will continue with the side step squats.

So we start in the squatting position.

And do a side step, squat back.

So the whole time we stay in the squat position, hinge back, straight back, knees pointing in the direction of your feet.

In this position and we move.

Low and low.

So the lower you go, the harder it will befor your quads.

Keep on breathing and stay in one horizontalline.

Always watch your form, watch your knees thatthey point in the direction of your feet, and keep it low.

Last seconds good.

We go down on the ground again and we continuewith an exercise for our glutes.

It will be the single leg raises.

So lift up your pelvis and from here, up anddown.

Up and down.

Relax your shoulders, come into a comfortableposition.

Getting ready.

And let's do this.

Lift up your pelvis, slow lower down but withouttouching the ground.

Up and down.

If this is too difficult, do the exercisewith both feet on the ground.

Contract the glutes, up and down.

It's a great exercise also for our pelvicfloor and the lower back.

But especially the glutes have to work.

Last seconds.

There we go.

Rest for 25 seconds.

And we continue with the bicycle crunch.

So lift up your legs in a 90 degree angle.

Lift up your shoulders from the ground.

Just place your hands behind your head butkeep your elbows open and then we are starting to crunch.

Let's do this.

Left elbow in the direction of the right knee, right elbow in the direction of the left knee.

Breathe out and come up.

Always keep your shoulders off the groundso we are having tension the whole time in our core.

We do it slow and controlled.

If this is too difficult for you you can alwaysput one heel on the ground and do the exercise like this.


25 seconds of rest.

We continue with the single leg raise on theother side.

So remember bring your pelvis up contractingthe glutes hold that position and lower down, up and down.

It's quite important to work on our glutemuscles as we are just sitting way too much during our daily life.

Let's do this.

So try to include those kind of exercisesin your workouts.

Breathe out come up, breathe in come down.

I definitely feel it in my glutes.

If it's too difficult, as I told you before, you have always the option to put both feet on the ground.

And do the same movement.

Last one.

Good job.

We continue with the up down plank.

So come into the plank position.

Your wrists are underneath your shoulders.

One straight line.

Try to avoid hyperextending, hold this straightline.

And from here we are going down, down, up, up Then the other side, down, down, up, up readylet's start.

It's a great exercise combining the push upand the plank.

We are working on the full body.

Try to keep one straight line.

Engaging the core as much as possible.

Last one.



good job.

25 seconds of rest.

And one exercise we should not miss – thesquats.

A great exercise for many muscles, especiallythe big muscles are working here which is great because the bigger the muscle, the moreenergy the muscle can use and burn.

So let's start with the squats.

Hinging back and come back up.

So go down and up.

Straight back, you decide how low you go.

Lower is more difficult.

But always focus on form, that this part ofyour back stays straight, the lower part stays straight.

Knees point in the direction of your feet.

try to avoid something like this, the kneesshould not in-cave or out-cave, last one.

Talking too much here! Alright, lunge rotation.

Big step forward, arms in a U, and rotate.

Come back.

We stay on the same leg step forward, rotate.

Shake it out.

Get ready, and big lunge forward, rotate, come back, the knee is almost touching the ground.

It's a great exercise as well for the core.

The core, our abdominals have to work to rotateto the side, slowly and controlled.

Last one.

Good, shake it out.

We do the same exercise on the other side.

So other side forwards, go as low as you can, to make your muscles burn, and then rotate so the obliques have to be activated.

Let's go.

Rotate and come back up.

Down, rotate and back up.

Your knee is pointing in the direction ofyour foot, stay nice and tall.

Good, last one.


We continue with a nice exercise – cardiointense exercise the skater.

So we jump to the side cross back, jump, crossback.

Like this.

We still have some seconds to rest.

Get ready.

Let's do this.

Side to side, the lower you go the harderit will be.

Try to do the exercise in your rhythm withoutstopping if possible.

We're getting our heartrate up here.

It's a great exercise to improve enduranceand strength.

Good job.

Shake it out.

We go down on the ground again to do a nicefull body exercise, the crab toe touch.

So come into this crab position.

Go down and lift up.

One foot and the opposite hand.

You see it is difficult because you have toreally contract.

Let's do this.

Contract all the muscles so you can keep thisposition.

Nice exercise for the core, for the triceps, for the glutes lots of muscles engaged here.

Last one.

Good job.

We continue with some lateral lunges.

So standing position again.

From here, lunge to the side, hinge back, knee pointing towards your toes, come back, other side.

Down and up.

It's a nice exercise for the adductors andabductors, let's do this.

Down and back up.

Try to stay straight and tall as possible.

Your back is straight.

And lower down.

And up.

There's not much left.

You are almost there.

Doing a great job.

Come on, last exercises here.

One more and rest.

Shake it out.

Diving push ups.

So we go into the downward dog position.

From here dive down, push up, come back up.

Dive down, push up, come back up.

Alright, let's get ready.

So dive down, push up.

It's a great exercise for our shoulders, chestand triceps, so dive into the mat, push yourself up.

If this is too difficult, you can always laydown and then push yourself up.

Lay down, come back up into downward dog position.

Last one.

And break.

Good job.

Side plank.

So on the side, elbow plank.

Either put your feet on top of each other.

Or for more stability in front of each other.

And we start with small pulses up and down.

So it's important that you stay in one line, try not to fall forward or backwards.

And let's start.

Your elbow is underneath your shoulder andup and down.

Up and down.

If this is too difficult, you can do the sameexercise without the pulse.

So just holding it up here so our obliqueshave to work.

And hold our pelvis up.

Almost there.

Last ones.

Good job.

We always have two sides! Change to the other side.

So your elbow is underneath your shoulder.

Your feet stacked on top of each other.

Or in front of each other.

Keep your pelvis up.

And then small pulses.

Up and down.

Only 2 exercises left.

Almost there.

It's a great full body exercise.

Come up and down.

Good job.

25 seconds of rest.

We continue with a reverse lunge.

Sorry, reverse plank.

So either on your hands or on your elbowsor on your fists.

You try it whatever is more comfortable foryou.

And try to hold this position in one straightline.

And go up.

Contract your glutes.

Squeeze your bum together.

Your cheeks together.

And hold it there.

Keep on breathing regularly.

Hold this position up.

One straight line.

Try to really keep it up there.

Almost there.

Last seconds.

And rest.

Alright, last exercise for today.

2 squat jumps and 2 push ups.

The finale.

I know it's hard but we can do this.

Get ready, shake it out.

We do 2 squats, you go as low as you can.

Then down on the ground and 2 push ups.

You can use your knees or without.

And let's do this.

One, two.

Go directly down into push ups.

One, two.

And squat.

one, two, one, two.

Watch your form.

Elbows pointing backwards.

Your back is straight.

Last one.

Ahhh that's it.

Good job.

In just 20 minutes you managed to work onso many muscles in your body.

How are you feeling? Leave me a comment below on how you likedthis workout and don't forget to subscribe.

Keep moving and I'll see you in the next video.


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