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[Music] you will work with the person next to you on the topic of your choosing [Music] [Music] [Music] partner this totally proves extraterrestrial seeded life on Earth why earth why don't Mars or Saturn because of the Goldilocks zone that's a bear phrase life hey guys look another sighting should throw wiki again Charles really more like whacko pedia Charles let's be logical for a moment advanced beings with the ability to travel anywhere in the universe actually exists why would they visit Brightwood to make sure we're not a threat obviously a threat they'd have like warp driver interdimensional propulsion yeah we have her mom's minivan definitely not afraid dude you get out of my bag where are the chips Einstein leave it alone it's a Wi-Fi amplifier idiot Wow that's fascinating [Music] you really suck this what do you I'm gonna change it – I don't know you – or something Oh still sucks I heard you got cancer oh just one kid got it and he's entire family died then like these boils [Music] sorry man I bet you miss hey Mikey check this out whoa wallet piece Michael Emory it's no use running son Alan Farraday here to rescue the world's from the horrors of street art this is three Mike three strikes you got me I give up it cuff me get in the car I'm gonna take me or what I'm taking you home don't need to upset your mother today Rory Fonda Jim Farley mom's a good woman good morning DARS this is richard how are you today Oh doctor I'm dying I'm crossing over I know I reduce your caffeine intake and try to stay away from processed foods I don't have the chance sir no mrs.

Richard you're suffering from migraines again I'm gonna send you for an eye exam migraines mmm doctor thank you you really know how to put it all a diety I think you have a fan there Jennifer I have news they've sent someone he finally got their attention two years this is just the beginning the investigator will be at the town meeting on Saturday sure you're okay [Music] [Music] Mike do yourself a favor and stay away from that Jonas kid she was both the favorite stay away from my mother Oh Jake he's got a girlfriend who he says squirt again real nice hey stop it why do you have to be such a jerk all the time I'm good with it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Jennifer what a pleasant surprise unfortunately it's a business call it's Mike again oh it's okay I I let him off with a final caution thank you they'll take me yep I do what I can to keep these kids out of the system of Mike he is really pushing it okay I'll talk to him oh well get together soon yeah I'd like that Michael Emery you and I are gonna have a big talk did you hear what I said Mike whatever Jennifer excuse me I'm Your Mother Mike what what I just had a chat with office of Faraday's what do you have something to say to me not really Mike how is Alan if it wasn't for Alan Faraday you'd be sitting in the slammer right now wants to do is go finish that sentence whatever why do you care why do I care I didn't raise you to be some delinquent is why what would your father say I don't know why don't you go ask him that's right you can't Mike Jake come here please you might tell me what this is my report card I gave it to you last week that's funny cuz this one just came in the mail it's Charles his handiwork I presume you gotta hand it to him he certainly has talent you know you're grounded right yes you kiss right young man one week if you're having trouble you you come and talk to me you don't have Charles fashion forgeries I miss him too yeah I'm sorry mom don't let Mike see that you know how he uses your dad's things [Music] idiot what are you guys doing here we're going to the forest you've got to come with mom got my report really what'd she say could you tell him apart dude she was pissed I'm grounded my Informer confirm the coordinates there are sightings informative this isn't for me it means creepy Jeremy shut up Charles I just told you I'm grounded you totally did but listen I have a plan we'd go there check it out and come straight back we'll be an hour tops what if it's totally legit we'll be rich and famous dude no one makes money online that's wish camera guy does sure human it's like millions my mom finds you guys here I'm dead and hurry up and get down here so we can go already one hour totally here [Music] okay what's he doing oh hey guys this is Abbi we're going to the forest cool mind if I tag along sure I guess no you can't oh how come it could be dangerous or something you might get dirty it sounds like fun I'll grab my bike I don't get girls totally aliens from Venus especially pretty ones she seems okay yeah well she'd better keep on [Music] ready let's go [Music] guys come on so what's he looking for [Music] Charles how much frozen said would be an hours been like 30 minutes already this is seriously creepy what if we get seductive by aliens its abducted moron it's a doctor's when you get a girlfriend hey what do you call an alien with no eyes Alan get it hey Oh got a dollar it's kind of thing with us yet find a dollar for bad jokes yeah max was like a hundred bucks guys totally it Dylan set up the cameras [Music] did you check sensors I don't wanna miss anything relax they were think I dropped some candy Hey look wow it's really beautiful they're normally glow capillary action I don't think that's a good idea we study it for that what if it's poisonous or something Charles don't touch anything I only got enough charge for one flash one it's all I got if you always like this Charles he just gets like that with his UFO stuff what's that stuff don't know yet kind of weird right max one snacks found it it is well that proves there's no intelligent life out here [Music] you're in deep trouble young man Jake your friend Abby's here she says you have a project dude thought I was grounded you are that's why you're doing schoolwork on a weekend thanks so much mrs.

Emery Oh projects not dude come on you gotta see this what do those stuff take a look [Music] you see that not really [Music] whoa what is it not sure I did some preliminaries we need to do a chemical analysis we won hey Dad sure okay I gotta go maybe go from here I can't do this stuff sure you can just follow my notes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] jibber jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber hey guys what's up I got totally busted guys epic I just mixed a Frappuccino wind fries and it tastes like walking shut up for say these guys online were talking about this blowing stuff let's the stuffy sound maybe they were talking diodes or fiber oh wow good thinking RadioShack wait they sense the military looking for it like it's top see heard of thump maybe it gives you super power with you guys I gotta go [Music] so just stand bets room it's mine too it gave it's both of us well this they can love potions for a little girlfriend she's not my girlfriend leave it punchy he let's get a real reaction going here stop it hey it's a lie what do you know language shake get out of my room chill lover boy I've fun with your little potions [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] madness madness madness that's what I'll call you [Music] pleased to meet you [Music] okay Jake Jake wake up ah look at this room seriously you guys treat this place like a dump are you listening to me you would have this place spotless as soon as we come home am i clear okay sorry get dressed you're coming with me to the town meeting where are you maybe I dreamed it Jake Jake gotta go now Jake not kidding [Music] stay no stay [Music] it's okay I'm coming back coming Jake will you hurry up please Oh mom I'm not feeling too well you were fine five minutes ago I know I just started feeling good maybe I should stay home oh also I'm grounded so I can't go you go where I tell you to go hurry up I'll be late mom in where do you think you're going you're in deep trouble young man morning everyone I'm an epidemiologist with the EPA now I've been tasked with the investigation of a possible disease cluster here in Brighton please please everyone I know that you want answers and I'm here to find those answers [Music] a couple of nights back with me and we'll we were fishing and we caught something a monster [Music] ladies and gentlemen my name is Colonel Douglas Roderick I'm in command of operations at Fort Wright with the military is here to protect and serve we are committed to working with EPA [Music] [Music] people are bright with imagination is a wonderful thing don't patronize us some of us would love to believe in mythical monsters this ain't no mythical monster mister we got one right here yeah yeah I'll see that yeah [Music] gentlemen that's a captain ain't no catfish that one was flapping around and changing all kinds of colors it was super weird super weak I'm gonna need to take that specimen away from testing of course doctor hey you please call me if you see anything like this again dad I hate having oh hey miss Emory hey Jake dr.

tansy Jennifer Emory from the clinic actually we're neighbors I'm so relieved you're actually here hi Jennifer look can we chat later I gotta go [Music] are you kidding me Michael Emery this house looks like a crime scene where are we going they took that thing those fishermen bought why that's what I want to know dad stay in the car [Music] [Music] dr.

tansy you fear that we lost can I help you with something colonel I think we had a little miscommunication back beer I'm gonna need that specimen specimen sorry doctor you'll have to be a little more specific the EPA Act of 1994 have sole authority doctor I'm aware of your credentials the military be more than happy to cooperate with all official requests [Music] with all due respect Colonel this is an official request now I'd appreciate it if you'd hand over that specimen if they can that doctor I'd hate see anything happen to you Oh your lovely dog right would can be a funny place looks like his storms coming Fred what was all that about dad your phone why Abby phone dad that ago you promised me that you will leave your location services on you have your phone with you at all time yeah Abby promise me okay okay I promise dad seriously what's going on no one thing it sure as hell wasn't a catfish food rewards or vocal commands such as good boy to show your panties [Music] video uh camera stairs look you've gotta come stay I gotta go [Music] [Music] science project with weird slow stuff oh no I can't you okay yeah I'm fine what was that what was what oh the huge crash it just came from your house nothing gotta go bye Jake [Music] hello Jake what are you doing here what's going on you have to swear not to tell tell what just swear listen I swear okay I swear it's okay you won't hurt you whoa what is it here's the thing you know a little science experiment I was doing the chemical analysis stuff and lo something have something happens you mean him we gotta show my dad no no no way you can't no one can know about it they'll take him away there's a test on it and you don't know what it is it might be dangerous look at him does he look dangerous he is kinda cute well little guy looks like you just became our research project [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] office Faraday 107 to dispatch on Cyprus party the four five nine a damaged warehouses a couple of broken windows some dairy which looks like you bit us [Music] [Music] Feenie gentlemen what's the nature of the military presence here will take you from here officer that's clearly a civilian matter might tell you what's going on of course commander I'm just here trying to do it with colonel excuse me it's colonel we'll take you from here officer Farraday Farraday keep up the good work officer 1:07 to dispatch have we been advised of any military operations negative no military police is highly irregular a military colonel has just moved me on earth at four or five nine eight my man down Vicky Roger that little seven Oh [Music] get these lights off [Music] there's mom work probably who cares it's hard a weekend oh man mom's gonna be pissed who are they from Farraday you're grounded you know snitches get stitches later dork oh wow he's grown I know that I mean he's grown a lot just thinking about what he might be I have this book on Marina my dad gave it to us we could identify the fish we caught somehow I don't think he's a fish I know but singles fishermen car and a sailfin like magnets listen it change color and stuff well we gotta start somewhere I guess hey hey sit no sit Hey quit it [Music] [Music] [Music] hi this is Fred tansy can you put me through the special agent Martinez place where okay listen let him know I found something Brightwood [Music] you Fred it's Jennifer Emory just call me urgently Fred no no no not at all and is everything okay my son in trouble again is he no no nothing I didn't think I could cope with that right now could you cope with dinner tomorrow night please yeah yeah that that'd be nice what's it the pictures Oh I don't know I guess they're just remind me of old times of the dead just don't want things to change what areas to other characteristics maybe do a search for camouflage sorry Jane he doesn't look so good Jade forgot to mention something he'd screw like two feet Jake nervous Jake how do you forget to mention something like that how big is he 53 inches he's gonna be huge we got a problem we got to show my dad no you can't think at this rate by tomorrow he won't even fit in your house I'm moving I moved to the garage he'll be fine Jim yeah see this what are you doing here guys it's okay calm down you won't hurt holy crap I mean it's just an alias sit oh I don't think it's a cat it's a figure of speech guys it's okay meet Magnus that thing has a name listen you can't tell anyone okay you kidding me this is the fight of the century Charles I'm serious I am too weights I post this do you ever listen Charles what the hell Jake go home you're not filming are you kidding me this is where the fortune as a friend I'm asking you to go home you know what Jake I'm not sure that we really are friends friends tell each other things and friends don't cheat massive secrets from each other and new you do this all you care about is your stupid channel oh you care about your stupid not my stupid girlfriend come on guys let's go [Music] you believe that guy I gotta go career mags [Music] dad I have to tell you something what's that oh I don't know they're gonna do an autopsy on it and find out you mean they're gonna cut it up mm-hmm but what if it wasn't dead cuz they might observe it observe it for how long I don't know a few days weeks maybe it depends on what it was this one they're gonna want to analyze every inch of that nice a fascinating specimen what you want to tell me nothing never mind what are you doing that's that's camping back I told you static stuff fine whatever don't go in there out of my way Mike please please what are you up to hang on you got your little girlfriend in there having Oh fine I'll show you just please don't freak out yeah whatever [Music] it's a big secret you old for plush toys what the hell is that thing I don't know do you mean you don't know you didn't check the invoice I didn't buy him moron [Music] some kind of I'm keeping him remember that time when when fishings done caught that you I'm stuck at home and put in the back yeah fucking freak it's Noel [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Konoe Rodricks office please yeah good morning this is dr.

Fred tansy from the EPA I'd like to set up a meeting with Colonel Roderick please [Music] but I Drive it a school this morning I can start the day as a family you never drive us to school well today I am and what driving us to school we're gonna walk you got two minutes no arguments we'll grab breakfast on the way like I can't leave him here we want me to do about it I don't know you're always getting us I'm going to the car now you'll both be in it Mike I'll think of something just don't make her mad okay she's always mad Mike all right okay this breakfast thing can we just skip the breakfast thing can we please not have an argument today who's arguing I'm just saying this isn't the best day for it actually Mike today is the perfect day for me what is that man I just think it's time we all moved on it's about Faraday isn't it he asked you out again yes he did and I intend to go tonight actually come on guys it's been two years two years is too soon to replace death I'm not replacing dad no one will ever replace you don't I deserve some happiness now that some glorified hall monitor it's enough Allen's giving you plenty of chance it's about time you gave him it you know what Jennifer I'm gonna give him jack don't call me Jennifer I'm your mother not my mother just some douchebags girlfriend get out you two that was mean Mike I told you not to make her mad you want to go back home to that thing of yours don't you don't worry I'll make it up to her [Music] over there keep walking [Music] hello [Music] what can I do for you doctor well first of all you can stop jerking me around now where's will Spencer sorry doctor I'm in the middle of a military training exercise check again something stinks here and it's not a catfish thanks for the house call a doctor [Music] [Music] watch him find out what he knows [Music] [Music] [Music] 107 of dispatch Mike just checking that 1070 on Hargrove Street relax it's Faraday for me [Music] okay right here okay thing is dangerous it has to go just needs more training I've just not trained improperly throw up Jake whatever that thing is it's it's turning wild he belongs here he needs me look at risk didn't mean it seriously how long do you think you can keep him hidden for stay here we'll grab a bandage okay yeah sorry about what I said before to Charles I mean it's fine I didn't mean which part the girlfriend part or the stupid you're not stupid look anyway I'm sorry we good Mike what are you doing son not your son you know what you're absolutely right why don't I just give your mom a call what do you say go ahead put her in the mood for your big date tonight look if I do a search and I find something I shouldn't things are gonna get very complicated listen up Faraday I almost finished just wear my coat and it's done oh hello officer mind telling me what the two of you were doing out of school certainly Mike's making a present for Jennifer it's her 40th tomorrow he was running behind so I offered to help with everything she's been through I just think it's so thoughtful of him don't you so it's her birthday tomorrow Roger that on my way I suggest you clean that cut and then the both of you get back to school [Music] oMG guys look another sighting this is right near us you've gotta check it out Charles no guys seriously this is really close hey guys ready how can anyone be ready for this you kidding me I was born ready I'm pretty sure you were born naked screaming and unable to reach on it max let's go this is past twenty seven boys going and there's no-one leaves nothing gets out guys come on I don't think this is a good idea [Music] guys look oh my gosh I told you that's holy real [Music] [Music] [Music] what are you doing get out don't you leave that stuff alone not leaving it right he needs me I'm taking him away away wait where what do you think you can hide him take him to the tunnel the tunnels what so you're gonna go live out in the wild with it yeah good plan Jake I see you've really thought this through I'm staying with him and you can't stop me thing is dangerous you saw what he did to Abby who's gonna be there when it goes all Jekyll and Hyde on you he won't do that to me you'd never do that you can't control it wake up he needs me I'm a him he's my responsibility never going to leave him [Music] report the security area Stevens Rob's reported kids families [Music] [Music] you okay dude against the mud shit what are you doing here they were everywhere what aliens what are you talking about the military would try to catch them but the UFOs is kept beating them up I'm not [Music] crap we come in peace you're gonna move in you gotta go now I'm coming with you back to stay just in case the u-turn [Music] [Music] step aside excuse me I said step aside and I said excuse me I don't know who you think you are but I know my rights your rights let me tell you about your rights you're the right to remain very very silent anything you say can and will piss me off knowing and understanding these rights will protect you from any unnecessary pain and suffering all clear wearing [Music] [Music] what is that [Music] roses right What's Wrong boy Maggie stop trolls you're right you're right about the UFOs this one running furthest see this one right here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a bee [Music] [Applause] it looks like stars inside growers like him Bacchus look [Music] it's okay you'll be saved we save we save here boy right here [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] come on let's go [Music] there are four beds in that room and they all expected as well well is anybody clean here I was kind of surprised you asked me out again hmm Billy I mean I hoped you would I thought I might have scared you off I mean no kids in this town we're gonna tell you no there's only two options military or mister I've been that kid but we'd like dessert I'll just have coffee thanks I organized a little surprise for you I wanted to get in early so happy 40th birthday oh I'm really flattered but it's not my birthday [Music] [Music] their services [Music] [Music] right [Music] [Music] sorry [Music] get the kid out of there and [Music] [Music] [Music] I'll take a B hope Charles this is not the time Charles will you quit easy people is coming around it's getting secure nice [Music] Ferriday 107 to dispatch we have a 207 here I need backup what hon whose authority Javan building six- tool 2.

1 30.

2 what is going on well Mike looks like you finally made something of yourself guys I'm speaking to you where'd you get this picture your book photo sure this will get us on base can't even pace you guys I'm going anywhere near that base well we got this you most certainly have not got this Omar Emory I brought insurance these babies would be streaming live home time check it out all comms are out so I set up a closed-circuit Wi-Fi relay to bypass the phone Carrie this is ridiculous mama listen cause many people as you can and tell them to tune into Charles's chanting there is no wrong let you do that you okay they've taken Fred what this has gone too far I'm going to Fort Bragg where to bring him back we all are now you kids are not going anywhere for years all you've talked about is how the military have done something to us how they did something to dad chick there's no way I'm slim talk they took my friend now they've taken a be static taking enough it's time for us to do so hey guys I understand that you want to tell me I get it but I can't allow you allow when she set foot on Fort Bragg would you have zero authority we're going with you allow us to or not millon I don't want you to go can someone else handle there's no one else Rodney's got the entire force locked down I gotta go time is critical keep these kids out of trouble is there any point in me telling you that what you're planning here is both illegal and dangerous not a chance danger is my middle name no it's not it's Francis get it whoa I know import it where'd you get it I borrowed it oral law and justice don't always tread the same path right we'll have it back in the impound but boy police impound place is like a fort so I've heard yeah well growing up in a tough town you tend to acquire certain skills so I've heard I can't see the camera's not on you know genius my helmets too big use this you better not lose it what if this doesn't work it'll work so Charles where'd you get the idea to mind woman this doesn't limit that's what I said probably from bed library don't be stupid nobody uses the library anymore I got it from truth not waking oh we are so screwed what [Music] what's the cargo biological materials you want to open her up see that symbol there buddy go ahead but it's your funeral biohazard symbol good thinking I don't think he's buying the ID stay calm so your mom's birthday March 40:38 we're in got it Abby you got a position on your dad here he's in there are you kidding me doing a real initiating livestreams okay we're off that's Charles that's the man that's max that's it it's really keeping him hey you can see how hungry I am what this idiot you broke it already the antennas moved [Music] okay Charles will create a diversion where we find Magnus my chemaxon with me have you both Faraday coming to you live before right with military sorrows sorry it's 1102 we leave 1120 let's move you'd be okay yeah yeah good luck here too [Music] let's go good all in that feeds our stable hey wait what if I'm discovered oh don't worry nobody's discovered online anymore that's a dollar I can't help but I'm hungry hey any of you guys seen the large china monster in the trash town [Music] and here [Music] Jake be careful looks like he's shrunk he's changing again hey boy it's me [Music] Charles come in this is Charles Altman coming to you live Fortin Brightwood military base check out my live feeds exposing the grace whoa [Music] okay right Jake time to get moving mom boy we gotta move up come on Magnus gotta go up he's not gonna get up get up Magnus get up jake'll even have to go get up gross looks like ectoplasmic ectoplasm wait why wait [Music] Burak ha he's going whatever each their warm-up whites we need lights dad you should be here [Music] don't worry we'll find him he could be anywhere crap with Charles Goethe no no no water stupid and channel come on we gotta go now no wait he'll warm up come on boy get up Jake we're out of time hey I found a map it's a map of the building is there a cellblock on their kitchen comm center a bunch of interview room [Music] bingo [Music] what is it evidence coming goggles I'm totally offline but calling me that I'm coming the antenna moved again didn't you check this stuff I just photo clothes network out of a roll of tape and a can of chips give me a break come on we have to go now we're not leaving without him there's no time left come on max max come here you've got to be kidding me what I'm hungry Lana there is bean chili or beef brisket max you're genius MREs meals ready to eat grab as many as you can why don't we just order a pizza while we're at it are you nuts hey so Pete we use it to eat him up chili [Music] max we don't need the rations well what about sensible air dad dad it's me Abby Abby what are you doing here dr.

tansy can you walk yeah I think so [Music] you boys in some serious trouble breaking and entering tampering with military assets he's not an asset Jim he's mine I made him yours not gonna let you kill him oh I'm not gonna kill him not yet Oh where are they Charles come in shut up doctor channel we need eyes on building six how about you start by telling me exactly how you mean him you tell him anything jakey leave me alone then tell me how you made I can't remember you can't remember open it up no they tell me how you made it somewhere in that little head of yours is the answer one way or another I will get it out of you lock them up no no way [Music] magnesium hydrogen sodium sodium bicarbonate there must be something else protein shake that's filled a protein shake a protein shake two years of R&D and the stabilizing element is a protein shake a simple enzyme we have what we need destroy [Music] [Music] we just hit 900, 000 [Music] [Music] they don't need to pay [Music] [Music] okay Margie dude what are you doing here come on let's get you back on civilian soil [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] gee Cory [Music] oh boy come on right here come on Jake you need to go more Magnus I'm here come [Music] go just go [Music] you're under arrest for kidnapping conspiracy you have the right to Rafah see you out of your jurisdiction way out of your depth it's a case of your word against the government that's where you're wrong it's your word against the government you wanna prosecute me take a shot well I do here stays lies your lives while you sleep at night safer warm in your little beds I protect you from monsters real monsters monsters that would devour the very freedoms you think for granting the monster Roderick you've endangered the lives of everyone in this town danger maybe freedom always has his price the price you morons that the EPA will never understand war is a numbers game peace is a numbers game lost they hundred and twenty-six you maniac 126 fatalities in the past two years due to clear military misconduct I may have killed six hell I'll kill hundreds more to get my work into the field as I said it's your word against the government and here [Music] idiot it's your art against 5.

4 million viewers on my live feed you are so screwed buddy this was the scene last week at a remote military installation where one Colonel Douglas Roderick was arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit acts in the nearby town of Wright would claim to have seen monsters no man [Applause] all right what no you want it well it's time to level we've been through a lot to have that's awesome coming in Charles I gotta go see you later cool [Music] Magnus lets you sit no way [Music].

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