Morning Meditation for the Best Day Ever

welcome to this brand-new day get seated in a comfortable position softly close your eyes make sure your jaw is relaxed relax your shoulders and open your heart when we sit up in the morning we're draining our lymphatic system and letting our body know that we're ready to embrace

the day ahead take a deep breath in and out and just start to focus on your breath focusing on your breath sitting with purpose feeling aligned feeling a lightness throughout your body inhale and exhale today is a great day we are going to wholeheartedly encompass these affirmations every

cell in our body is going to resonate with the positivity and trueness of these words number one I am thankful [Music] today right now in this moment this moment is a gift [Music] that's why we call it the present a gift we feel immense gratitude for take a

deep breath in and let gratitude fill your whole body what are you grateful for [Music] [Music] number two I am Oh positive energy everywhere I go when problems arise I refuse to Stern the negativity we can't solve a problem when our vibrations are low we must rise above

it so the lower vibration can dissolve feel the frequency of the positive vibrations rising with you now [Music] [Music] number three I love to help others [Music] something that will change your life for the better is looking for ways to give back even a smile can make a

massive difference in someone's day sending the silent blessing to someone you encounter complimenting someone showing appreciation the love of giving and receiving tells us that the more we give the more we can receive how can you serve and help others today [Music] number four I am happy now

[Music] many people think I will be happy when when I'm richer thinner have a relationship etc but we must cultivate happiness now if we can't create happiness in our lives now no matter what goals we achieve we will not be happy act now how you want to feel

how can you be happy in this moment what makes you happy do more of that [Music] number five I can clearly see the best version of me visualization and imagination is life's preview keep a clear vision of your best self and put yourself in those shoes daily what

does your ideal self look like how do you act how do you have those situations what does your day look like who are you with crystallize a very clear image of your best self [Music] number six I love to move my body fighting off depression and anxiety starts

with moving the body when we are depressed we hunch our physiology changes the best way to break that is to move on a daily basis stand tall feel the power in your presence what type of exercise speaks to you what will you do today to move your body

[Music] number seven I consume foods that give me life our bodies are our temples positive energy starts with the food we put in our bodies we need to fuel our tanks with nutritious healing foods unhealthy processed and fried foods create illness and lethargic lives what unhealthy choices will

you leave out today what will you add every small choice you make makes up your life choose wisely [Music] number eight I love setting goals making progress in our lives brings us fulfillment and happiness people are 42% more likely to achieve their goal when they write them down

dream up huge goals that you can't even comprehend how you get there then create some smaller attainable daily goals they can keep you moving in that direction what are some goals you can write down for today [Music] number nine I am committed [Music] your daily habits make up

your life your attitude attributes to your personality you can raise the thermostat on who you are you can ultimately achieve anything you desire it is never too late to reinvent yourself but you must commit to the person you know you are meant to be you won't always feel

like eating the best choices or writing down your goals or choosing the higher vibration in the situation but the more you can commit to these affirmations you will see your life begin to change how are you going to commit [Music] number ten I surrender and let go of

control and expectations no matter how hard I try I cannot control what others think or do so I focus on myself I look for ways to feel good I find peace in moments I use my words wisely what can you surrender today to cultivate more joy in your

life [Music] [Music] you are now charged and ready to start this brand new day it is a great day be proud of yourself for taking this time this morning to get aligned you are one-of-a-kind amazing and this world is blessed to have you in it place your hands

over your heart and lock in that goodness we have just created now put your arms in a v-shape up into the sky reach up as high as you can and feel that energy of the Sun surging through you it is a great day you [Music]

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