Top 15 Best Heroes To Solo Rank Up | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

A new season started, and everyone is getting ready to rank up again.

A lot of you guys arecurious about what are the best heroes to use to rank up in this season, even for soloplayers.

So here is the top best 15 heroes that youcan use to rank up, and even carry in solo rank.

I have the tutorial videos for most of them, so after this video, if you want to learn any of them, make sure to check out my tutorialvideo for whatever hero you want to master next I will leave the link for those tutorialsin the description down below.

Yu Zhong is one of the best fighters in thecurrent meta.

He can sustain a lot of damage, has a verygood AoE skill, can escape easily, deal a decent amount of damage and can pretty muchdo it all.

So even if your team has no tank, you canbasically use this hero and carry the game by yourself.

Jawhead is another great fighter for thismeta.

His burst damage makes him ideal to kill theenemy’s carry instantly.

He can easily chase the target and escapea dangerous situation thanks to his second skill.

If your team ever needs an offlaner, he isone of the best candidates for that position.

Even though Hanzo got a little bit of a nerf, he is still a very deadly assassin.

Just remember to always ult from a safe distance, and try your best to keep stealing the enemy’s buff.

This would slow down the enemies farm by alot, while at the same time you are growing stronger.

Ling is the worst enemy to all the squishyheroes.

Once he gets his core items, the enemy’scarry would have a very hard time trying to escape from him.

One of the most important tips that you haveto remember when you are playing him, is that you have to constantly keep farming in theearly to mid-game.

Even if your team is losing, because onceit gets to the late game, he can instantly kill the enemy’s carry, giving your teama huge advantage.

Chou would always have a spot in whateverthe meta is.

He is extremely annoying, not the easiestto kill, if you know how to time his second skill properly, and can easily 1v1 any hero.

Even when the carry has one full item advantageover Chou, he can still easily one-shot the marksman.

Don’t let her appearance fools you.

A lot of players underestimate this hero, but from my own experience, I can guarantee you that this cute looking mage is actuallyextremely deadly.

If you learn how to aim her ultimate and positionyourself well during the team fights, she can destroy the whole enemy team from a verysafe distance.

This alien is a nightmare for the enemy, especiallywhen they don’t have heroes that can burst his turret down immediately.

The best way to combo with him is by havinga lot of crowd control heroes, so his turret can do the rest of the damage.

But one of the most important thing is hisbuild, I have seen a lot of players building him incorrectly, which ends up turning himinto a very mediocre hero.

Remember, If you need the builds and tutorialfor any of these heroes, I will leave the link for those videos in the description downbelow.

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Many players think Cecilion is not a goodmage anymore because of how much mana he consumes and how long it takes to build up his passive.

But if you follow my tutorial video, you cansee that it doesn’t take long before his damage start to instantly burst down the enemies.

Just make sure that you keep building up hispassive right from the start, and try your best to not miss any opportunity to do so.

Granger is probably one of the favorite marksmanof many players.

And there’s a reason for that.

He is pretty fun, easy to use, and can dealan insane amount of damage, even in the early game.

Just try your best to use his passive correctlyand aim his ultimate properly.

EsmeraldaEsmeralda is one of the most flexible mages in the current meta.

She can be played in the middle lane or inthe side lane.

She is so good because she is extremely hardto kill, can become almost immortal if there are many targets, and can jump into the enemybackline, creating chaos during the team fights.

Popol & Kupa is kind of like the marksmanversion of Esmeralda, in the sense that he is pretty flexible as well.

You can use him as a marksman or support.

Whichever role you want to use, he can excelat it.

Just keep a check on his doggo so it doesn’tdie, because, without him, this hero is pretty useless.

Even before she received the latest buff, she was already extremely scary.

But now she is just a bully.

She is one of the few mages that can be playedas a support and still deal an insane amount of damage in the shortest period.

Just practice how to use her Yin and Yangproperly, and the rest becomes easy.

People are banning Natalia less and less, but she is the definition of the assassin role.

When the enemies least expect it, she caninstantly kill the squishy heroes and go back to hiding.

But don’t confuse her early and mid to lategame damage.

If you have been too busy trying to get killsand end up forgetting about her farm, then don’t expect to kill even a single fly.

After the revamp he received, he is officiallypart of the meta.

His skillsets allows him to play more aggressivelyright from the start.

Just make sure you keep using his passiveproperly to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the shortest period.

Also, keep looking around the map when yourteam is engaged in a fight, and use your ultimate to provide support.

Last but not least, I decided to include atank hero.

Because believe it or not, this tank can doa lot even in solo rank.

If you learn how to play very sneakily andalways provide vision, this hero can carry to an extent.

His damage is not too bad and he can sustaina lot.

And the most important thing, he can countera lot of heroes.

And that was it for the list.

But before we go, I am going to leave youwith the next gameplay, which is going to be a Khufra’s game.

So if some of you were doubting and thinkthat a tank cannot do much in solo rank, then this might change your mind.

Originally I wanted to pick Granger or Chang’e, but to my surprise, my team didn’t want to adjust at all.

I am being sarcastic here.

So I decided to tank for these beautiful people.

Since the latest update, now the small crabgives more gold, so it’s quite important to try to contest it.

But since Yu Zhong is using Retribution, there’snot much we can do here.

But that’s a very greedy spell, so he willpay the price later in the game.

He won’t be able to sustain as much.

This is why Flicker is pretty dam good withKhufra.

Whenever you see that there’s an unattendedlane, go farm it.

Those are very precious gold and experienceyou don’t want to miss.

Especially in the early game.

Keep roaming around the map and always payattention to where your team and your enemies are.

A lot of players tend to forget to also payattention to your own teammates, but there’s no point in landing the perfect ultimate ifyour team is not around.

Take advantage of the bush and charge yourfirst skill while hiding in one of them.

One of the most important tips when you play solo.

Don’t become petty and waste time typing.

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