Virtual workout class with Laurent Amzallag of Yala Fitness

welcome back to great day Washington it is time to take a break from working at home and do a few exercises with us we have local fitness guru Lorant showed us some moves that you can do right in your living room lorac my friend how have you been

through all of this oh my god you know living the dream why when the good thing is I'm able to still teach classes via zoom via Skype I see clients I teach three classes also for the community through the pandemic so I'm able to interact with people virtually

not in person but virtually so at least thank you see same but the good part is I don't have to wear the Ottoman ever so that's a good part of it you said people you've noticed they're actually getting stronger than they ever have because you just have the

time to work out now exactly you know and and basically my workouts are about half an hour or less and we only use bodyweight and it's amazing all the people have been telling me from the beginning oh my god they're getting stronger they're getting fitter through this whole

pandemic so this like some positive that comes out of that you know and it makes you realize that you don't need that much to really be in shape a few exercises and it that's that's what the body wants that's what the body needs and you don't need all

that fancy equipment you could get it right at home and I'm going to show you a bunch of different exercises that you could do at home in a few minutes I love that because we tried to find weights the other day and it seems like they're all sold

out so is there something you can teach me to do just here in the open studio absolutely absolutely we're here at EMI health wellness over here so we have all the space so basically we're gonna start with a warm-up right I like a great warm-up that I like

to do there's some some squats over here nice and easy take it nice and easy keep those knees behind the toes there you go I'm going through from the side so you can see how my positioning is right here okay we don't do that 75 times alright there

we go two more one with time Oh perfect now we're gonna move to some high knees okay just bring those those knees up just like that all you want to do right now is bring that heart rate up you want to grease up those joints get the body

ready for the workout okay so the one is the whole warm-up should be about two minutes two or three minutes okay and then do some heel kicks okay you wanna bring those back so kick your butt just like that y'all doing from this my hands always do this

kind of move right here you know just hang on same thing with the highroad insulting the high knees you could just do this kind of move now here's a great dynamic stretch and I love to do right after the warm-up to open up even more those muscles I

go on the floor I put my right knee forward and I just bring my arm up and I just cleared up for two seconds so it's on the same side the right knee and the right up right IRAs just ratchet the right there you go you got it

there we go you set up with two seconds and then you switch side this is a great stretch and I would do that always right after doing a few of the warm-ups because your body now is open it's warmed up and that just opens up those muscles from

the hips you're where it's so tight and you wanna do that thank you five times per site oh wow I can do beautiful that's how warm up the body get it prepped up for the workout on strength insurance and your corn all right so we're gonna call that

the first move I want to do is a first lunge to a card race through a side squat then you go back to the cabarets and then you bring it back so I'm thinking my right leg I'm thinking my right leg I'm bringing behind the left then as

I go up you go into the caster's you can change your balance and then you're going down to a side squat okay hey every drill what you're trying to do is about 30 seconds why because at least yo you do the workout for a week or so and

then you could see your progress you could see that at the end of the week you are able to do more reps in that 30 seconds and at the beginning so that's a great way to measure your progress that's kind of embarrassing all right well now you can

check out Lorenz fitness classes online and we also are now all working out it is time for our moment of Zen

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