VOCAL WORKOUT 7 (female) : Riffs&Runs

What's up WeSingers ? it's Michele Fischietti and it's time to train your voice one more time Now on this channel you will find professional vocal exercises that will make your voice sounds better get more range agility intonation in a natural way from bottom to top now all you need is your phone your headphones and your best friend natural water with all of my videos you're gonna work with your voice and your tempo using your body as an instrument so don't forget to snap yourfingers with the snare drum and move your body with the flow two rules rule number one don't try to imitate the sound of the voice you hear instead try to find your own sound your own unique voice rule number two if any time you feel fatigued please stop take a rest and wait for the nextexercise now this is a very advanced video that's gonna work on agility and to geta better result make sure you have completed all my previous videos before trying this one if you have any doubt please leave a comment down below I'll try to reach to you as much as I can and check our website wesingstudio.

com now each exercise will have a different riff and run riffs and runs are a typical R&B phrasing it's gonna be real funny and challenging so to enjoy the most before trying have a listen so you canlearn the scales then the important thing is to make sure that each note in the run can be distinguished so let your throat completely relaxso that your cords will work freely from other muscles and again when you make the run be sure each note is heard so don't make the glissato for instance if you're singing the word “wrong” be sure to sing it right ! so that means singing it so that you canhear each of the three notes listen instead of don't makethat glissato for this onewe're not going to take any rest so we're gonna go straight till the end six minutes of pure fun you ready ? let's go It's gonna be faster keep the pace have fun ! make sureall the notes can be heard faster Keep your throatrelaxed last one This is a littleJazzy And here we go this one has a falsetto on the top note make sure the notes sometiiiimes you can hear them even some peeeeople that's the difficult part we're going faster[Music] snap your fingers it's important No glissato last one relax keep your throat relaxed your cords have to be must be free for working fine faster faster last one This is allstaccato make sure all the notes can be heard This one has a little legato so stress the “B” maybe it's a little easier we're going fast faster be precise be accurate with the pitch as muchas you can here we go Last one Again Put an accent on the “I” We're going faster relax breathe the way you have tobreathe that doesn't change It's just faster Have fun ! Last one here we go ! So, we have one vowel on differentpitches make sure that all the pitches can be heard We're going fast breath breath whoa ! congratulationif you've got till the end because this one was real difficult now if you really want to get the best out of your voice take a rest for three minutes and do it two more times with a three minute rest in between and I recommend you for this one to record yourself to see if actually each notecan be heard and this will give your voice so much agility so thank you guys so much for watching one more time if you enjoyed the video don't forget to smash that like button leave a comment down below and SUBSCRIBEif you haven't already be sure to follow me also on Instagram and Facebook and visit my website wesingstudio.

com where you can findall my certified teachers that will help you going through all of these exercises so one more time thank you I'm sure youdid a great job and you had fun so see you on this channel for the nextvideo and the next training Ciao.

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